Fa's 'at?

Graduating with a degree in painting KMG is an artist and illustrater who's creative career has lead her to focus on exhibiting, live drawing and commerical projects. She is the founding member of Real Nice Studio and spends her spare time trying to make art and design more accessible in Scotland.

KMG spent her youth encouraged to challenge and experience as much as possible, which resulted in more than a few broken bones, red faces and concussions. Due to this curious nature she has grown up with a desire to explore everything ranging from the precarious to the mundane. A weird combination of youthful enthusiasm mixed with utter cynicism leaves her work with a sarcastic, raw and yet playful tone. 





Rome Snowboards, FortyTwo Studio, Form Digital, Perth City Council, Whisky Bars of Scotland, Inn Deep, Ibex Brewery, Dornoch Distillery, The Reason Magazine, Treeline Chalets, CUE, Muchacho, BrewDog, Nitro Snowboards, Adelphi Distillery x 10 Dollar Shake, NEAL Bearings, Boarderline, 20Twenty, Bos'n, Celtek UK, Arbor UK.